7 Tips for Having the Best Orgasm Ever

7 Tips for Having the Best Orgasm Ever

More Intense Orgasms on the Way

There’s a lot to love about a good orgasm, from how it makes you feel to all of the health benefits that it offers. But when it can be difficult to reach orgasm at all, let alone have an earth-shattering, mind-meltingly good one, it’s not always easy to feel so positive about them. Men typically orgasm much more often than women do during sex, and that’s just not fair. Everyone deserves to feel amazing and experience intense orgasms that make sex better for everyone.

Fortunately, there are lots of things that you can do if you want to ramp up the pleasure and start having an intense orgasm in your life. If you want your next petite mort (and all the others after it) to feel incredible, try some of these tips.

Get to Know Your Own Body

There are multiple reasons to masturbate, even when you have a partner. It helps you to destress, it’s fun, and it’s good for your health. It’s also an excellent way to get to know your own body better. It can be hard to ask a partner to do the right thing to help you orgasm if you’re not sure yourself what makes you feel good. But masturbation gives you the opportunity to explore your body and find out what feels good without any added pressure. You can focus on what you like, then take that with you when you next have sex with someone else.

As well as getting to know your body through touching, don’t dismiss the idea of mental arousal. Spending time fantasizing can get you more in tune with your pleasure and what you like. Fantasy doesn’t necessarily have to be something that you want to act out in real life – or feature someone you want to have sex with in real life.

Spend More Time on Foreplay

When you’re not alone, try to avoid moving too quickly. Jumping straight to penetration without much time spent on foreplay could mean you’re simply not ready for the main event. Foreplay gets your body prepared so that you can have a better orgasm (or even just so you can orgasm at all). Even just reaching the minimum amount of stimulation required for an orgasm isn’t enough if your aim is to have an incredible orgasm that’s better than those you’ve had before. More time on foreplay gives you a chance to increase blood flow and muscle tension, which will eventually lead to a more intense orgasm.

Put Your Pleasure First

Being a selfish lover is usually seen as a bad thing, but sometimes it’s ok to be a little selfish. Everyone should be able to ask for things that are purely for their own pleasure from their partner, without necessarily being expected to offer something in return. Learning to ask for what you want from your partner can help you to make sure you get what you need in bed. It can even be useful to practice the same principle outside of the bedroom, learning to say no and to ask for things that you want and need from various people in your life. When you can do it in general life situations, you’ll find it easier in the bedroom.

Exercise More

Exercising in your daily life can help to prime you for more intense orgasms. When you have exercise scheduled, the anticipation of putting your body through its paces can drive up testosterone levels for women, which increases libido. Exercise also increases blood flow, and increased blood flow is excellent for helping you to have better orgasms.

Be In Touch with Your Clitoris

While some women can orgasm without clitoral stimulation, it’s just not possible for many. It’s an essential part of pleasurable sex and reaching orgasm, so neglecting your clitoris could end in sad times. Working out what your clitoris likes and when (and teaching your partner too) can make a huge difference to how enjoyable sex is for you. Your clitoris can be stimulated in various different ways, so work out what works best for you, as well as when it might not be the best time to give it attention. Don’t be shy about reaching down during sex or encouraging your partner to do so.

However, your clitoris is also not the be-all and end-all. There are other parts of your body that can help you get there, from your mons pubis (pubic mound) to your G-spot. Spending time exploring and figuring out what brings you the most pleasure will help you to have better orgasms now and in the future.

Switch on You Vibrator

Using a vibrator regularly can make it easier for you to achieve orgasm when you’re having sex without one. There are plenty of options out there, as well as other toys that are designed to stimulate your clitoris and do various other jobs too. And don’t be afraid to get your vibrator out during sex or to use toys together. There’s no shame in requiring a bit more stimulation to get you going and ensure you’re enjoying everything as much as possible.

Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises are often recommended during and after pregnancy, as well as for women who are having issues with incontinence. But that’s not the only reason to do these exercises that are designed to strengthen your pelvic floor. Working out your pelvic floor muscles could give you better orgasms if you do it on a regular basis. Plus, it improves the overall health of your pelvic floor and could help to prevent some other problems too. It’s not difficult to do these exercises, so find a routine that you can follow. You can even do Kegel exercises without anyone knowing what you’re doing, so you can fit them in when you’re sitting at your desk or anywhere else.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best orgasms. If you want to make your orgasms more intense, there are plenty of things you can do to get spine-tingling experiences.