How We Spend Our 86,400 Seconds Daily Matters

Transforming daily moments into a fulfilling life.

We all wake up to the same thing every day. 86,400 seconds. It sounds like a lot, right? But how many of us come to the end of the working day or weekend thinking… where did all that time disappear to? Those seconds can be so easily squandered by distractions, the monotony of the every day or by just not being present with how we spend them. What if we were more present with our seconds and we made each and every second count by making that one moment so full its a moment to remember?

We start our journey through those 86,400 seconds when our eyes open in the morning. Every day is filled with many individual moments that can lead to joy, growth, or connection. However, is simplicity the same thing with existing by rote, day after day, if we leave our minds to wonder where on earth the time goes?

If so, how do we get out of this loop? How do we best utilize each moment? It starts with awareness. Awareness of time means we decide how are time is spent. And that’s not me saying that we should be productive every moment of every day. This is understanding what is truly important to us and making sure we spend a good portion of our time there.

When was the last time you were in the moment? Maybe you were talking with a friend, hiking alone in the mountains, or working on a personal project. This because in those moments we were fully embodying them, instead of being distracted by what was to come afterward, or what had happened prior to that. Be Fully Present – and Ordinary Moments Turn into Extraordinary Ones.

The practice of mindfulness is a practical technique which can be very useful in being more present. Something so simple that we can start doing right that very moment, everyday. We can try building this up by spending a few minutes each day just sitting quietly, focusing on our breath, and observing our thoughts non-judgmentally By practising this small habit we will become more mindful of the present moment and how we can both appreciate and take full advantage of our time.

Another key part of getting the most out of our 86,400 seconds is being intentional about how we spend it. That being said, we each have our numbered important things, and this is really important to figure out what those are. Some may be quality time with family or friends so on. For some, it may be picking up an old hobby or passion project. This kind of life is better, if only you want it to happen.

That is when you can take a step back and see things with a larger perspective. What are our long-term goals? What are the results we are looking forward to achieving in the coming year, five years or even ten? These are the things we need to keep track of when deciding how we are going to spend each day as it comes. It is finding a marriage between loving the now and stable work for that long termberefore future.

We were all living in our heads for most of our life, where we felt like we were just going through the momentum of a day to the next and the hours seemed to just drab on and basically there was no real reason for us being where we were. Those days can be absolutely exhausting, and can leave you feeling incredibly demotivated. Instead, by living with intention and choosing how to spend our time with purpose, we can turn even the most ordinary moments into something meaningful.

This includes things like commuting or chores. Although we think of these tasks as necessary evils, they do not have to be wasted time. In the morning we wake up and follow our routine but when we come back or go to bed these moments can be use for listen a good podcast, learning a new language or thinking how important was your day. It is about creating our Organized Life in Purpose (OLIP).

Now here, we cannot deny this but sometimes it happens that we do not use our time as we think we will. Some days we are just not going to feel productive or in a rut. That’s okay. The point is that we never stop trying to be more mindful of our time. So, it is a journey and each bit helps.

Developing relationships is one of the most powerful ways we can optimize our time. Relationships are important in our lives and every second we put into them is a second well spent. Talking to a friend, give a helping hand to a neighbor, or spending time with family – these interactions can enrich us more than we can ever imagine.

We can also give back to our communities. A beautiful way of giving back by either volunteering, being a mentor, or an ear for someone in need can allow the ripples of the positive to go beyond our one-on-one. These are all forms of service and benefits to others and a sense of meaning and joy in service to our own life.

Self-Care can not be overlooked. This is part of the behavior of humans that are normal since in our modern active lives, this type of self-neglect is easily the go-to response to the multitude of external stimuli meeting our existence. Yet Self-Care is Essential. Reading a book, relaxing, running — it might be one of the elements that make you recharge and be more present in one or another area of your life.

Same goes with the simple things in life. It is the small moments which we learn to appreciate—the taste of coffee in the morning, watching the sun go down or laughing with friends. You might not think, but those moments accumulate. This bring so much light to our days and richness to our lives.

Then how do we begin to fully utilize our 86,400 seconds right now? It really is just that simple…Making small, targeted changes. It may be scheduling daily time for enjoyment, mindfulness or connecting with someone we love. Those small actions, year after year, become a mountain.

It also pays to Touch Base on a regularly basis in regards to where your time goes. Where are we out of the zone of intention. Is this the sort of thing that we can adapt to be doing more that lines up with the core values and follow-ups of our daily lives? We all need to periodically perform self-reflection to keep us on the right path and to adjust our paths when needed.

Every day, fill your 86,400 seconds with a meaningful life. In being present and intentional in our choices and finding a silver lining in the everyday. You cant take your time back, and we need to be using our time as a resource to mirror what we think our values are.

It does not all need to be clear. Doing this one day or even second at a time is perfectly alright. The fact that we are trying to be conscious of How We are using our time and That it is some what making us feel happy and Fulfilled matters.

Let us remind ourselves throughout our days the power within our 86,400 seconds. So, let us enjoy them not by seeking perfection, but with presence — choosing what fits our highest values while appreciating every season along the way. Savor every second of it and live your life to the fullest.

Let’s embrace it.