20 Cute Things To Do for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

20 Cute Things To Do for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

Make your boyfriend feel special.

Your boyfriend has a special place in your heart and the best time to show it is on his special day. Nevertheless, you don’t need to spend a fortune to let him know how much you care. There are many simple yet endearing ways that you can make him feel loved on his birthday. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Let Him Be King for a Day

You and your significant other may have common interests, but you probably have your own separate interests as individuals too. It’s likely that you probably take turns deciding what to do and where to go on your dates. On his special day, give him the chance to be the king for a day. Let him choose what activity you will be doing, which type of food you’ll be eating, and even what music you will be playing in the car.

2. Write an Old-Fashioned Love Letter

You are probably used to sending SMS messages or DMs on social media to each other as a couple. Still, there is a nostalgic charm that handwritten notes have which modern messaging cannot capture. Buy some stationery and whip out your fountain pen (or just a normal pen if you don’t have one) so you can write an old-fashioned love letter to your sweetheart.

3. Set Up a Costume Day

Dressing up is not just for kids; it can be enjoyable for adults as well. Find out which real or fictional people your partner admires. It could be athletes, actors, superheroes, fantasy figures, etc. Take the initiative to set up a costume day for you and your honey based on his favorite characters. Don’t forget to take photos!

4. Cook a Homestyle Meal

No matter what fancy restaurants you may dine at, nothing is more exceptional than a meal that you have carefully prepared with your own two hands for your special someone. You can conceptualize your feast based on his preferred cuisine, whether it be American, Italian, Japanese, or any other type. If you’re up for it, you can even cook all his beloved dishes as a smorgasbord.

5. Make a DIY Balloon Surprise

Balloons are a fabulous, affordable way to create a colorful surprise for your boyfriend. Decorate a big cardboard box to make it look more festive. Then, blow up several balloons and tie them together with ribbons. Next, tape the ribbons to the bottom of the interior of the box. Afterward, leave the box on his doorstep with a friendly note. Then, all you need to do is hide and watch his surprised reaction as the balloons pop out of the box.

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6. Spend a Tech-Free Day

Your smartphones may be an essential way for you to keep in touch with each other when you are physically apart. However, it may cause distraction during your couple time when you are together in person. Focus on your darling for a day by turning off your phone and keeping it in your bag. Take time to simply talk to each other and to gaze into each other’s eyes without any interference from gadgets.

7. Perform a Personal Concert

You don’t have to be the world’s best singer to perform an exclusive concert for your S.O. Create a playlist of his treasured songs and sing them all to him. You can accompany yourself on the piano or guitar if you have extra-musical skills. Or you can use karaoke tracks as your background music if you don’t know how to play an instrument.

8. Create a Scrapbook

A creative way to preserve your memories together as a couple is to make a scrapbook. Collect your Polaroid snapshots, print out your selfies, and paste them on the pages. Feel free to include other mementos from your dates with your partner, such as concert tickets, dinner menus, pressed flowers, love notes, and other memorable items.

9. Spend Time With His Family

Your boyfriend’s family is a major part of who he is. Giving his family members importance is a vital way to let him know he is important to you. Hang out with his parents and siblings on a regular basis. Spend quality time getting to know each one of them through fun, meaningful conversations. Give them the chance to share family memories, especially childhood stories about your sweetheart.

10. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is a terrific way for you and your man to get lost in the world of film together. Watch new movies you’ve never seen before. Go nostalgic and enjoy timeless classic films as well. Make sure to select the film genre that he is interested in. Munch on some popcorn to complete the movie viewing experience.

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11. Dance Together

Even if you both have two left feet, you can still celebrate your relationship by dancing with your man. You can learn the latest viral dance craze, or master classic dance styles together if you wish to go the nostalgic route. You can even make up your own moves.

12. Paint His Portrait

Even if you’re not Picasso, you can still express your love through art. Draw or paint a portrait of your boyfriend so he can understand how you view him through your eyes. There’s no need to make him stand still and pose for you for hours on end. Just use a picture of him as your basis for your painting or sketch. Consider framing your masterpiece once you have finally completed it so he can hang it on his wall.

13. Go Stargazing

Remind yourself that love is forever by appreciating the eternal stars as a couple. Familiarize yourself with the constellations by lying down on the grass at night together. You can use a telescope as you stargaze or simply view the stars with your own eyes.

14. Wear Matching Outfits

A light-hearted way to declare to the world that the two of you are an item is to wear a couple of outfits. Shop for twinning attire with your S.O. at the mall. Wear this matching outfit on your next date to level up your couple selfies on social media.

15. Prepare a Surprise Party

Invite your boyfriend’s best friends to a surprise party on his birthday. Prepare some hearty food and decorate the venue to liven up the atmosphere. This event will give him the chance to spend time with his buddies. At the same time, it will grant you the opportunity to grow closer to his BFFs.

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16. Take a Trip Together

Plan a trip to a place your sweetheart has always wanted to visit. If international travel is challenging at the moment, local attractions are a viable option as tourist destinations as well. Let your partner actively participate in the planning process so he can form an itinerary that matches his preferences.

17. Make a Thanksgiving List

You don’t need to wait until Thanksgiving to share with your boyfriend the reasons why you are grateful for him. Jot down a list of ways that his presence has made your life brighter and better over the years. The items in your list could be simple, deep, funny, or even outrageous. Make your Thanksgiving list as long as you possibly can.

18. Clean His Car

Most people cherish their cars, and your boyfriend is probably not an exception. Give your darling’s vehicle the royal treatment by having it professionally cleaned at the car wash center. As an alternative, you can also wash his car personally if you have the right cleaning equipment and supplies.

19. Sponsor His Extracurricular Classes

Education doesn’t end at school. Encourage your significant other to continue developing his skills by taking classes. You can volunteer to pay for real-life or online lessons for extracurricular activities that he may be interested in, such as sports, carpentry, mechanics, cooking, art, etc. He can continue to expand his knowledge with your support, which is one of the most valuable things of all (besides dating you, of course).

20. Say “I Love You”

There are many ways to show your boyfriend that you love him. This list showcases several creative examples of it. Nevertheless, it’s always worth saying those three words anyway to make things absolutely clear and certain. Say “I love you” to your special someone, not simply as a habit or obligation, but as a vocal way to affirm that your feelings for him definitely match your actions.

Your boyfriend plays a significant role in your life. That’s why you should invest time and effort to make him feel loved and special, whether on his birthday, your anniversary, or even on regular days.