Escape Reality and Heal Yourself

Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’re 7 Ways To Escape Reality and Heal Yourself

Looking for an escape?

There are times when life feels like it’s too much to handle. The stress of work, family, and everyday responsibilities can be overwhelming. When you feel like you can’t take it anymore, it’s time to escape reality and heal yourself. For some, that might mean reading a book, watching a movie, or going out with friends. For others, it might mean traveling, engaging in meditation or prayer, or participating in creative activities like art and music. No matter what your method of escape is, it’s essential to have one.

While there is no one way to escape reality and heal yourself, there are some general tips that can help you find the right escape route for you. Whether you love to read, watch TV, or get out in nature, there is sure to be an activity that can help you relax and de-stress. Just be sure to find something that you enjoy, so it becomes a healthy habit rather than another stressor in your life.

Reality can sometimes be scary because real life does come with a lot of darkness and pain, but what keeps us all going is the hope for a brighter future. It can be our imagination, creativity, or simply movies, books, music, and games that provide the necessary fuel required for living in this cruel world. Here are seven ways you can escape reality and heal yourself.

1. Shut Off the World With Music

If you are not aware of how much power music possesses over your mind, then this might come as a surprise for you that your playlist can be your savior. No matter what mood you are in, whether it’s sadness or happiness, all you have to do is turn on your favorite song and listen to it for about half an hour, if not more. When we listen to songs that we love or that remind us of some old memories that made us happy, it helps us forget the world around us and enter our world where we are in control.

2. Spend Time With Nature

Nature is, perhaps, the most beautiful thing to admire and spend some quality time in. When you feel like all your worries are too much for you to handle, then nothing works better than the fresh air of nature. Spending time with your loved ones or even pets in nature makes us realize how blessed we are compared to other living things out there.

3. Daydream Your Troubles Away

This isn’t just for kids. Age does not affect daydreaming whatsoever. This is one of the best ways to escape reality because, in daydreams, we are in control, and there’s no one to trouble us or hurt our feelings. You can fulfill all your desires or be whoever you want to be in your daydream. When you’re feeling low, just lay back in your bed, close your eyes, and imagine yourself anywhere other than the place where you are right now.

4. Get Out of Your Bubble and Talk to People

If you are extremely shy or not confident enough, I suggest that you get out of your comfort zone and talk to people. When we remain introverted for too long, it becomes tough for us to interact with others because we have grown so used to being alone that spending time with strangers has become a pain for us. If you talk to people, you will heal yourself and find some good friends in the process.

5. Tune Out the World With a Good Book

If none of those mentioned above work for you, perhaps reading a book might help. Don’t just grab a light read that’s meant to entertain or present you with some sort of theory that you may forget two seconds after reading it. Pick up a book with an engaging storyline and complex characters so that your mind is wholly focused on the story rather than reality — just like movies do.

6. Volunteer Yourself To Help Others

You don’t need monetary support to volunteer because all it takes is some goodwill and empathy to change someone’s life forever. Volunteering yourself is one of the best ways to heal yourself because you are using your time for something that benefits you and other people around you. Doing charity or volunteering makes us feel like we belong somewhere in this world, even if it’s giving somebody else a better tomorrow.

7. Get Rid of Your Worries By Writing Them Down

Sometimes, our brains come up with so many negative thoughts that they cramp them all up in one place until there’s no space left for anything else whatsoever. When this happens, then get out a pen and paper and write down everything that is bothering you at the moment — without overloading your brain by thinking twice. Once you have written everything down, forget about it and rip it into shreds.

It takes a lot of self-control and emotional strength to heal yourself from any mental illness or an event that took place in your life. The next time you feel like harming yourself emotionally or physically, remember these seven ways to escape reality and heal yourself.