Excuses for Hickies

12 Good Excuses for a Hickey

Has anyone ever caught you with a hickey?

We know it can be a bit embarrassing, especially if it was a family member or co-worker who caught you. Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of all the smart (and believable) excuses for hickeys to deal with people who may have noticed an apple-red bruise on your neck.

1. It’s an Insect Bite

Depending on the insect, a bite can appear the same as a hickey. Due to this, you can get away with using an insect bite as an excuse. To completely fool them, finish the look with an elaborate story about a wildlife trip. This will make the whole thing even more believable since insects are likely to bite you in the wild.

2. I Got Burned

There are very differences between a hickey and a burn mark. As such, it makes a great excuse, so you can use it with confidence. The size of a hickey is close to the size of burn marks caused by a curling iron, making it believable.

3. I Had an Allergic Reaction

You can use the purchase of a new skincare product or perfume as the reason why you’ve suddenly gotten a bad “reaction” showing up on the surface of your skin. This is a great excuse since everyone knows that allergic reactions to such products can happen frequently.

4. Hit By a Ball

This is the perfect excuse if you’re into sports. You can tell them that you were hit by a ball as you were playing volleyball, golf, football, cricket, or hockey. However, to make it more believable, you may need to increase the number of the mark to make it look like a real “injury”.

5. It’s a Party Stamp

If you’re a party person, then people will understand that some parties make use of stamps as identification. Because our necks and arms are the most visible parts of our bodies, you can be sure that this excuse will fly if anyone notices a hickey.

6. I Got it From Paintball

There’s no need to explain a lot here. Everyone knows just how painful getting shot by a paintball is — enough that it will leave a mark on any body part it hits. To make it more believable, you can make up a story about how you were shot with a paintball while having fun with family and friends.

7. It’s Just a Birthmark

Unfortunately, this one won’t work with friends or family but it will with strangers or people you rarely meet up with. If you’re jogging, eating at a restaurant, or even at a random party, it will work well. You can simply tell them it’s a birthmark and they’ll likely believe you.

8. It’s a Temporary Tattoo

You can always use this excuse and if anyone says that it looks like a hickey, you can tell them that the artist got it wrong. You can also say that you had started it but felt that you no longer wanted to go through with the temporary tattoo.

9. Had Too Much Wine

This will work if you tell them that you had one too many shots (about six to eight) last night, which led to the stain. Tell them that you too, were surprised upon seeing it this morning, but reassure them that it’s not a hickey.

10. You Were Punched

You could say that you were boxing and that you were punched during a training session. If you don’t do boxing, you can say that you were having fun with some friends at the bar, and may have hit a little too hard.

11. You’re Practicing With Makeup

You can give the excuse that stage makeup is one of your favorite things to do and that you were trying to make a hickey with makeup. To make it more believable, you can also say that you’re trying to get reactions from those around you.

12. Just Deny it

This one may or may not work but this excuse is probably your last resort. If anyone asks about your hickey, act completely surprised and don’t agree with what they’re saying. Use reverse psychology to win this argument — by acting surprised, the other person may think that they’ve made a mistake by calling it a hickey. In the end, they may even apologize for mentioning it.

If you’ve ever had to lie about a hickey, chances are that you’ll need to do it again. You won’t have to run out of excuses by remembering all our fool-proof reasons above. As such, you can now enjoy the passionate moments with your partner without feeling any stress after.