How Do You Know He’s the One?

How Do You Know He’s the One? Here’re 10 Signs to Tell

Do you believe that there is one right person for you out there?

Searching for the one, your true love, or your twin flame can be a long and arduous road. Particularly these days when dating will often require you to swipe through hundreds, if not thousands, of different profiles. Swiping right or left on a profile can be accomplished in less than a second. So, how will you know you haven’t swiped left on the perfect person for you? It’s tricky, but there are signs that you have found ‘the one.’ Here are some of the telltale signs that you are with the right person so that you can fully commit. 

You Can Be Yourself 

It might seem obvious but you should always feel comfortable enough to be yourself when you are with or around your partner. You might not feel comfortable doing this instantly, but eventually, you should show your partner who you are and they should accept this completely, even embracing it. You should never feel the need to hide your true self. If you feel like you need to take this step in a relationship, then it is quickly going to become exhausting. 

Your partner should know and understand the things you enjoy, the things you dislike, and the things that you love. Do note that they don’t have to share in every one of your hobbies or have the exact same likes. But they should accept them all the same. 

Their Past Relationships Are Forgotten

We all have a history. We all have a past. But if you have found the right person, then their past shouldn’t impact your relationship. You shouldn’t need to worry about exes nor should they be bitter or have lingering feelings about these people. Instead, they should be ready to put everything that they have into this new relationship and move on completely. You need to be with someone who is mature enough to let their exes go completely. This will ensure that they can build a successful relationship with you. 

A relationship is always going to struggle if there is baggage from the past impacting them and you. This can also play a part in disrupting the trust that you have with your partner if ties between exes have not been fully severed. 

Your Friends And Family Like Them

There’s no guarantee that your partner is going to be liked by everyone in your life. Some people rub others the wrong way for no reason at all. However, if you can find someone who is liked by the majority of people in your life, then this is always going to be a positive sign. Your family and friends can also act as a reality check on your relationship. It’s common for people to see their partner through rose-colored spectacles. Particularly, if the excitement of a new relationship is still relatively fresh. 

Your friends and family won’t be impacted by these feelings of euphoria. Instead, they can provide a real opinion of what your relationship is like. 

You’re Ready To Talk About The Future And So Are They

If you have found the right person then you shouldn’t be scared to explore a future together and neither should they. Instead, the prospect of the future should fill you with excitement and anticipation. You might even find yourself talking about what you are going to do together over the next few years and how your relationship is going to continue to grow and evolve. There’s no fear of exploring plans like this because you want to bring them to fruition. 

You also need to act like you and your partner have a future. This means that they shouldn’t be acting as though they are not in a relationship or in it for the long term. They shouldn’t shy away from real commitments. 

Their Attraction Goes Beyond The Physical

Physical attraction is important in most relationships. If you don’t have a physical attraction to your partner, then you are going to miss one of the key sparks that make a relationship fun and exciting. Sexual attraction does matter but it is not the only aspect that you should focus on. Instead, you need to ensure that the connection is deeper than this. In our tech-obsessed world, the first connection will often be based on a physical desire. But once you get to know one another, you should both see other things you like and love. Ultimately, if you have found ‘the one’ there should be more to a relationship than just giving each other fantastic sex. 

They Feel Like Family Or Home 

We have mentioned that it’s important your partner is liked by some of your family and friends. This is true, but if you have found your twin flame, you should also feel like you are with your family when you are around them. The connections from family are hard to replicate. They can provide you with safety, comfort, and love when you are around them. You should experience the same type of security when you are with your partner. The best way of describing this is the feeling that you are home when you are with them. You will experience this sensation of feeling you are home when you touch or even when they look at you. 

There’s Trust 

Trust is a critical element of a great relationship. Without trust, it’s very difficult to get what you need from a partnership. The problem with a lack of trust is that it will leave you constantly feeling as though you need to prove yourself. Or, if you don’t trust your partner, then it can bring more stress and anxiety. Trust is a two-way street and we can explore phones as an example. You shouldn’t feel the need to look at your partner’s home to check that they are being faithful to you. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel as though there are any secrets between the two of you. If you can stay real with one another then this is another sign that you have found the right person. 

And Respect

With trust comes respect. Mutual respect is a fundamental part of any strong relationship that is likely to withstand the test of time. Respect comes in a variety of forms. You should never feel physically or emotionally threatened by your partner. You should also never feel as though you can’t have your opinions or share them. Your partner needs to respect your privacy and the room you require in your relationship while also continuing to be an active part of your life. These are some of the key signs that you have found someone who does respect who you are. 

You Love Spending Time With Each Other 

You should enjoy spending time with your partner and being in each other’s company. If you are constantly trying to get away from them, then this is a clear sign that you are not supposed to be together. 

You don’t have to spend every second or every day together but you should actively make plans to share days or even moments. At the same time, when you do come together, it’s important that you value this time. In other words, there shouldn’t be things distracting you or pulling you away from them. For instance, you shouldn’t be on your phone when you should be spending time together.   

You Have Independence

While it’s important to enjoy spending time with your partner, you should also be able to hold onto your independence. You should not feel as though you can never leave and do your own thing or enjoy the hobbies that you love which your partner may not be interested in. Ultimately, you shouldn’t feel trapped because this is going to lead to you experiencing higher levels of stress overall. You should not feel as though you share an identity with your partner. Instead, you should still have a strong feeling of self. 

If you love each other, then you should be able to respect each other’s space while also coming together to share time as a couple. 

As you can see, there are numerous signs that you have found ‘the one’ or the right person for you. If you notice these signs when you are dating someone, then you can rest easy knowing that you have found someone who you can commit to and who could be a great partner for life. 

Don’t forget, you can find the right person and still have problems that need to be addressed in your relationship. The secret to ensuring that your connection remains healthy is always going to be communication. You both need to be open and honest so that you can tackle any challenges as one.