Here’s How to Have Shower Sex

Wet experience for showering together.

Shower sex might seem fun and exciting at first. It’s wet and slippery, and that’s sure to make for fun times. But then you realize that actually, it can be pretty awkward, and neither of you is really sure what to do. You’re in a cramped space and the slippy, wet surfaces feel more dangerous than sexy. Movies have told you that shower sex is fun, but you’ve yet to see it. And yet shower sex seems to be the stuff of legends, one of the best ways to have sex outside of the bedroom. So if it doesn’t feel good, what are you getting wrong?

Whether you’ve attempted shower sex before and it’s ended in disaster or you just want to get it right the first time, it’s worth reading up on a few tips before you get started. Sex in the shower can be good, but you need to know what you’re doing. If you want to make sure it’s hot, sexy and a pleasurable, memorable experience and not just a wet flop, take a look at these tips.

Get the Position Right

The first thing you need to figure out if you want to have sex in the shower is exactly how you’re going to do it. You might be tempted to try something creative and a little bit acrobatic, especially if you’ve seen people do all kinds of tricks in movies and more. But with limited space that’s slippery when wet, you need to be careful.

If you’re standing up, both of you keeping both feet on the ground is the best idea. Avoid standing on the edge of the bathtub or one of you trying to lift the other up. It could lead to one of both of you slipping and falling, and that’s definitely not sexy. If standing isn’t working for you, you might also have the option of sitting or lying down (depending on how much space you have). It could allow you to try some standard positions, but with a slippery twist.

As well as using the shower tray or tub, you might be lucky enough to have a shower seat. It’s great for relaxing when you’re taking a long shower on your own, but it’s also very handy if you want to have sex in the shower. It gives you somewhere to balance safely and you can experiment with different seated positions. You’re much safer to experiment when you have somewhere to sit because you’re less likely to slip and fall compared to when you’re standing.

Get a Grip

Half the fun of shower sex is that it’s slippery and wet. The problem is that the shower is also slippery and wet, which could be a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful. Luckily, there’s one thing that could help you to avoid an accident. Simply installing a bath mat in your tub or shower will immediately provide more grip for your feet. The floor will be a lot less slippery, both when you’re attempting shower sex and when you’re just having a normal shower. Not only will it give you a firmer grip if you’re standing up, but it makes it more comfortable if you’re sitting or lying down too.

Speaking of getting a good grip, make use of the walls if you want to hold your balance and get enough support. There might be some other things in your shower that you can grab onto, but they’re probably not the best option for taking your weight. The walls are sturdier and much more likely to hold you up. They’ll give you support when you’re standing and you might find other uses for them too if you’re willing to get creative.

For even more stability, there’s always the option of rails. Some showers will have these already or some people might install them to make the shower safer. Installing rails doesn’t just have to be for sex. It can also make your shower more accessible, which is great if you have any disabled guests to stay, or if you’re concerned about falling in the shower in general. Just make sure they’re good quality and installed well so that they’re capable of holding your weight and you won’t accidentally rip them out of the wall.

Get Slippery in the Right Way

You want to get all wet and slippery in the shower, but there are right and wrong ways to do it. Lathering each other up with soap can be fun, but be careful about where you put it. As with when you take a shower alone, avoid any sensitive areas where soap could sting or irritate. This goes double for any soaps or shower gels containing mint, tea tree oil, or anything else that’s “refreshing”.

One item you should have for getting slippery in the shower is lube. Plenty of lube will ease the way and does a much better job than water. Try to go for a silicone-based lube for its thicker consistency, or water-based if you can’t find it. Oil-based lubricants are another option but they degrade latex condoms, so it’s best to avoid it if you’re using condoms as one of your forms of contraception. You might find you have to reapply lube more often, so make sure you have plenty to hand.

Use Shower Time to Experiment

Don’t get too hell-bent on making shower sex all about penetration. While it’s one way to have sex in the shower, it’s not necessarily the most fun or comfortable option. There are other things to do beyond penetration that can be just as fun. In fact, it can be a good place for foreplay before you get out and move onto the main event. If penetrative sex isn’t working out for you, try something different and figure out what you enjoy instead of just giving up altogether.

Sex in the shower doesn’t have to be fumbling and awkward, but it can take some experimentation to find out what works. Try a few different things and make sure you stay safe too.