Here’s How to Put Yourself Out There and Gain More Experiences

Here’s How to Put Yourself Out There and Gain More Experiences

It’s one way for you to grow and enjoy each stage in your life.

Whether it’s about dating, building your social life, or enjoying your last few high school years, putting yourself out there can be tricky. You’ll want to try something new, but you might not be comfortable with the idea of being vulnerable and subject to rejection. Regardless of how intimidating it can get, it’s always worth it to keep trying. You’ll enjoy your life with your new partner or friends the next thing you know.

How To Put Yourself Out There for Dating

Putting yourself out there for dating may feel strange, especially if you’ve been single. However, being open to dating and relationships is also an exciting journey to help you grow. One way you can put yourself out there for dating is to leverage the power of technology by trying online dating apps. There’s less pressure involved, and you’ll have several options depending on your preferences. You’ll have a higher chance of going on dates and eventually meeting your significant other by actively taking a few swipes, engaging in conversations, and setting date plans.

Aside from using dating apps, you can also try speed dating. Speed dating events allow you to talk to each individual for only a few minutes. If one conversation doesn’t go so well, you’ll have more people to talk to. Another way to put yourself out there in the dating world is to ask your friends to set you up with someone they know or trust. It might feel not very comfortable at first, but your friends want the best for you.

Besides that, you can also work up the courage to ask someone out. Getting rejected may be a possibility, but you might hear their sweet yes. Thus, ask your crush to have some coffee with you. You may gain a new friend in them. Whatever the result is, you know you’re going out of your comfort zone and brave enough to conquer your fear.

Going on blind dates is also one brave way to put yourself out there. While the experience may not always be pleasant, being open to blind dates can help you know more people of different backgrounds whom you might like as a partner or friend.

Also, there’s nothing wrong with going on several dates with various individuals. As long as you still prioritize your safety, you can explore and figure out yourself what kind of person you want in a partner. Meet more people by attending classes related to your hobbies or passion, like baking, painting, and yoga. Then, go to concerts of your favorite artists to find those you already have something in common with.

How To Put Yourself Out There Socially

Establishing social connections is one key to becoming happy and healthy. If you love being with several people, then mixing things up like going out with friends and new people wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re the quiet and reserved type of person, challenge yourself to do the things that terrify you. For example, talk to a stranger you met at a coffee shop, restaurant, bar, or party. Start a conversation by asking them how they’ve known the host, how their day went, and what other local hangout spots they can recommend.

Another way to approach strangers and put yourself out there is to give them a genuine compliment. Say you love their shoes, hairstyle, glasses, or anything striking while wearing your cheerful smile. Small talk and compliments like these are good practice, even if the results aren’t always great. You might also want to try a new hobby or activity, whether playing sports, hiking or learning a musical instrument. Enrolling yourself in some lessons and joining groups will help you become more socially active.

Of course, it’s good to find time to balance your social life. For example, maximize your alone time, enjoy a quiet night with a small circle of friends while binge-watching your favorite series or playing your favorite game, and then spend another night going out with more people. You should also be open to meeting new people. For instance, if you’re planning to grab a drink with a close friend and they’ll invite someone you don’t know, take it as a chance to meet a new, perhaps interesting, person. You might not be used to this kind of setup, but it’s another way to expand your social circle.

How To Put Yourself Out There in High School

Your high school life can be memorable, enjoyable, and meaningful, especially if you put yourself there. Thus, maximize those precious years by joining different school clubs. These include drama clubs, art clubs, the school’s newspaper, chess clubs, and yoga clubs. Becoming a member of these clubs lets you meet people who share the same interests. Thus, it’s easier to spark conversations and build relationships.

If your high school does not have a club for your specific interest or passion, consider creating one. Even if you’re only starting with your friend, you can look for like-minded individuals and positively impact your school and other students.

Interact with people in your class too. Develop friendships by introducing yourself to them, engaging in conversations, and joining them during lunchtime. If you have a class project, pair yourself with a student you’re not yet friends with. 

You can also invite your classmates for a group study, so you can bond with each other while accomplishing your assignments and other academic-related tasks. Try asking for their contact details or social media accounts, so you can easily communicate and get to know each other more.

Attend school events, whether sports games or school dances, to meet interesting people and create more memories. Go there with your friends. Then, ask them to introduce you to someone you don’t know yet. From complimenting someone’s OOTD in the hallway to participating in volunteer work, there are so many ways you can put yourself out there in high school.

Final Thoughts

Putting yourself out there might mean becoming vulnerable and facing rejection. However, it’s one way for you to grow and enjoy each stage in your life. Thus, don’t be afraid to make new friends, explore dating, and make the best high school memories.