How to Stop Swearing for Good?

6 Ways You Should Try Out to Stop Swearing for Good

When it's a habit, you find it harder to control what you say.

Swearing or saying bad words are sometimes fun, but it’s an unpleasant habit when it gets out of control.  As much as you love swearing, there are situations when you have to watch your words. When it’s a habit, you find it harder to control what you say. Swearing can make conversations entertaining with peers, but a more serious conversation with your boss, elders, or a more serious audience requires a more pleasant way of speaking. Here’re ways you can stop swearing for good.

1. Find an Accountability Partner

Sometimes, it’s not easy to know how bad a habit is unless someone points it out. Asking friends and family to point out every time you use an inappropriate word can significantly help you swear less. If possible, jot down every time someone points out your swearing habit. Compare the progress you make every day, motivating you to work harder. You’ll also realize the moments or situations that trigger the pattern.

2. Pretend You’ll in a Formal Conversation

Is there a person in your life you wouldn’t want to use foul language when talking to? Probably it’s your parents, boss, church leaders, or spouse. Pretending you’re having a formal conversation with them can stop you from swearing. When talking to someone, pretend it’s them, making you stick to a more formal discussion and fewer or no swear words.

3. Be Aware of What You Say

As earlier mentioned, most often, people are not aware of what they say. Think through every word before speaking. Also, understand that not everyone feels comfortable with your swearing as they might be offended. This realization will make you more aware of what you say when having company.

4. Have Alternative Words

Get some creative ways to say what you want without swearing. Instead of the F word, think of a more sensitive way to say what you want. Making it fun or silly enables you to keep up with the exercise, reducing the urge to say bad words. 

5. Reward Yourself for the Effort

Set some tangible goals, then reward yourself when you have successfully reached the target. The good thing about goals is that you get to earn something when you achieve it, motivating you to stop swearing. For instance, you can buy yourself a new book or gadget as a reward for not using bad words for the day or week. The same goes when you have failed—take away something that means a lot to you. For instance, you can decide to put away a dollar every time you swear then give out the cash at the end of the week. When you have to give out a large amount, you’ll stop swearing for good.

6. Surround Yourself with a Positive Environment

Find other people who share the same vision. It will be easier to stop swearing if you are in a community that encourages your efforts. Because you’ll support each other, you’ll be kinder and more encouraging when one is struggling. Also, be more cautious of the friends you keep. The more you associate with people who love swearing and bad words, the harder it will be to stop cursing.