Love Is Quiet, Subtle on Most Days, and Sometimes It Can Be Boring

What real love looks like?

Love is not always exciting or butterflies-inducing, but it doesn’t need to be for it to be real. Love is quiet, subtle on most days. It can be boring and uneventful, or it can feel like the best thing you’ve ever experienced at times.

Love Is Irritable

It’s a day-to-day feeling of comfort in knowing that someone else has your back no matter what happens, good or bad. And when two people love each other equally, and without conditions, it’s a beautiful thing.

Love is never easy, and it often doesn’t feel like enough, but the moments where you can breathe — those are what make everything worthwhile in the end. That’s why people love to watch romantic comedies or read about passionate relationships — because you want an escape from your daily lives.

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However, the most authentic love isn’t always exciting or full of fire; it’s quiet and gentle most days — but never dull! And it feels like home in a way that makes you think unapologetically happy inside because they’ll be there to catch your tears when things get complicated with family members or friends. They won’t judge you for what you choose to say or do, and they’ll always be your biggest fan.

Simple Gestures

The things you do for your partners when they’re not around may seem simple to you, but these small moments are enormous gestures of love if you think about your relationship. Such gestures include fixing their hair or carefully cleaning their favorite mug so that it’s spotless. 

You may think this is a silly thing to do, but they are the things you love about your partners because it shows how much you care for them on an intimate level. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make your hearts flutter.

Love is not always exciting or butterflies-inducing, but it doesn't need to be for it to be real.
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Empathizing With Your Partner

Love is quiet, subtle on most days, and sometimes it can be boring. That’s why some people leave their relationships after a few months or years of “settling in” because they aren’t used to the idea that loving someone means supporting them through hardships as well as celebrating the good times with them. 

To be in a successful relationship, you must have the ability to empathize with your partner. When they are hurting and feeling down about something, you must support them as best as possible without any negative energy involved. You should listen to what they’re saying and make sure their feelings aren’t hurt because of anything you said or did. It is also important to remember that you are allowed to feel down sometimes too, and your partner should be just as understanding with you when this happens. Love is not just about celebrating together; it’s also about empathizing with each other.

Love is quiet, subtle on most days, and sometimes it can be boring.
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Love Is Not Wanting To Go to Your Favorite Concert With Your Partner

Because You Want Some Alone Time To Enjoy Yourself.

In a world where people constantly connect, love can sometimes get lost in the mix. Love can be quiet and subtle on most days, but it should also have moments where things are more romantic and exciting.

Love is not wanting to go to your favorite concert with your partner because you want some alone time to enjoy yourself. Instead, love is the little things like a warm cup of coffee in bed on Saturday morning or doing the dishes together after a big dinner party just because it feels like the right thing to do.

Final Thoughts

You may have to keep in mind that love is not always the kind of movie or TV show you are used to (unless it’s a rom-com). Sometimes, your significant other getting out of work after a long day and kicking back on the couch with you for an episode or two can be just as good. 

You won’t see fireworks or explosions in your relationship, but you will see the little things that create it. This list is not exhaustive of what love looks like, but hopefully, these examples serve to remind us all that life with another person can be a lot of different things. It’s worth taking the time to truly understand those people and learn how they tick so you can love them the best you possibly can.