Midday Break Might Be Another Surprising Time to Have Sex

Midday Break Might Be Another Surprising Time to Have Sex

Daytime Sex Is Definitely a Game-Changer.

Having sex with your partner is an excellent way to connect and keep the romance and excitement in your relationship alive and well. You may be so busy with your schedule and to-do list currently that you often put it off or only have sex during the nights or on the weekends.

However, there may be a time of day you forget about that might work out well and can offer many benefits. Your midday break might be another surprising time to have sex with your partner, and it may be a time of day you find you enjoy and prefer.

The Obvious Benefits

There may be many benefits of having sex with your partner during your midday break. For instance, you’re more awake and energetic during the day than when you’re about to go to sleep. It’s because you have higher levels of the alertness hormone cortisol as you work and lower levels of the sleep hormone melatonin. You may be more open to exploring new sensations, positions, and other things during the day when you’re more energized than at night when you may feel sleepy. It might also be that you don’t have kids, roommates, or other distractions to interrupt you during the day or that you can be loud instead of trying to keep your noise levels down. You may find you each have more freedom to be yourselves and not so reserved.

A New Perspective

Daytime sex can also change how sex sounds, feels, and tastes. You both may enjoy that there’s light during the daytime instead of it always being dark and hard to see. You are being able to see one another and that you’re making each other happy, maybe another bonus. You may find you and your partner respond to sex in new and exciting ways during daytime sex. A new perspective on sex and your partner may cause you to want to have sex more often and improve your sex life overall.

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What it Says About You

You may be wondering what it might say about you if you prefer to have daytime sex. Know that you’re not alone, and many people may think about it but might not act on it. It may be more of the idea of having daytime sex that arouses you than when you do it at night and are aroused by the physical sensations. It may just be that you’re more spontaneous and get in the mood out of the blue instead of having a responsive desire for it.

It may also excite you over the idea that you’re having sex outside of the routine and when it’s expected, which is at night. Sexual novelty may be what turns you on the most. You may notice you pay more attention and are in the moment when you break everyday routines and habits. Your brain may perk up and respond in new and different ways. You might want to try a new position or location when you have the house to yourself during the day. It may open up a whole new world for your relationship when it comes to having sex.

Depending on how much time you have, you can better choose what sexual acts you wish to perform and partake in. Although you may feel tight on time or that you need to rush a bit during the daytime, it may be more of a sexual perk than a downside. You may be more focused and engaged in what you’re doing when you know that you’re in a time crunch.

Great Reset

Another reason to consider having sex with your partner during your midday break is that it might provide an excellent reset for you. You may find you can think more clearly and have a boost of energy when you’re done. Also, remember that having sex is a great stress reliever and a way to release any pent-up tension or other emotions. You may find that you’re much more productive during the afternoon when you engage in midday sex with your partner. You had a lot on your mind and felt overwhelmed, but connecting in this way with your partner provided you with the release you needed to work even more complicated when you returned to your job tasks. 

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Improve Your Relationship

A midday break might be beneficial to have sex with your partner if your relationship is heading south or needs some attention. It could be just the thing to get out of your rut and explore each other in new ways. Having sex during the afternoon may quickly improve your relationship, help you find a deeper connection, and put some fun and spark back in your relationship. You may both find that you enjoy it more so than at night and that you’re more engaged in what you’re doing. This change in your attitude and view of one another will likely get you two heading in the right direction again from now on. It’ll keep your bond exciting and a bit more unpredictable, leading to a deeper emotional connection overall.

Final Thoughts

These are some reasons why a midday break might be the best and most ideal time to have sex with your partner. It may be a time of day you hadn’t considered before but now think it is a good idea and that you might be up for it. Give it a try and then notice all the benefits and upsides that come from it and that you two are not only on the same page again but having fun and enjoying each other’s company more. It’s even more feasible if you both find yourself working from home and the kids are at school. Be willing to bring the matter up to your partner or go for it spontaneously and see what comes of it. It’s more than likely a new time of day to have sex that won’t disappoint.