Organizing Your Space for Peace of Mind

It’s Time to Organize Your Space for Peace of Mind

How much time have you wasted searching for shoes, a favorite shirt, keys, or cooking utensils?  Many times we get ourselves worked into a panic because we are trying to race out the door to a meeting or an event and cannot find what we need. Frantically searching for items that we use on a daily or weekly basis not only elevates blood pressure but can also increase anxiety and stress. The key to being efficient and productive with your time and resources is to be better prepared by being more organized. 

Organizing your home or office space gradually, one room or one area at a time, can be both liberating and powerful.  By tackling one area a day you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in just a few hours. Of course, we all have those “catch-all” drawers and sentimental items that we could never bear to part with, but in reality, the average adult accumulates and hoards over a million items that he will never look at again after purchasing. The following tips will have you saving time and peace of mind as you clear space for those things that you need and use most often.

First, you will decide which space demands your attention, based on how often it is visited and how often the items in the area are utilized. This could be a kitchen area, workspace, a car or bedroom, bathroom, shelf, cabinet, or closet. Do not think about the entire house or office, only the space you will be working in at the moment.  Then, envision yourself being peaceful once the area is clear and calm.

Next, you will purge–get rid of things that you have not touched within the last 6 months or year.  Obviously, these are things that you either do not use often,  toiletries or supplies that need to be stockpiled elsewhere, or you simply do not use these items because you have better choices available. Whatever the case, less is best in this situation.  Less junk to rummage through when you are in a hurry makes better use of your time and decreases stress. Donate these items to needy families or sell them online for a bit of extra money.

Finally, take time to think deeply about the items that are left as to when, how, where they are used the most.  Frequently used items should be cleaned if necessary and placed neatly in a convenient place so that they can be quickly and easily accessed. Items that are not used as often (perhaps only on a quarterly or yearly basis) can be placed at the back of a drawer, under the bed, at the top of a closet, or at the rear of a cabinet or shelf. You will be amazed at the hidden extra storage space you can find!

Get creative and have fun with organizing–hang items on painted racks, pegboards, or hooks for visibility and convenience, sort clothes and materials items into brightly colored bins, use pretty labels or tags, repurpose a china hutch or wine rack for storage, utilize open ceiling space and the inside of the doors of cabinets with racks, double clothes hangers on each other,  make or buy plastic bag holders, etc. With these organizing tips, you will be sure to find extra storage space and create the calm space you have always dreamed of.