Addicted to Sushi

8 Typical Signs of Sushi Addiction

Do you have a sushi addiction?

One of the most revered culinary cuisines in the world is Japanese. They have some of the most delicious, unique, exquisite, and most of all, healthy food there is. People from all around the world appreciate Japan’s dedication to their delicacies, which have been a huge part of their culture and represent who they are as a race. Perhaps the single most popular Japanese dish is sushi—and it can get quite addictive. Do you have a sushi addiction?

Photo by elif tekkaya

It’s the First Thing That Comes to Mind

You are addicted to sushi if it’s the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you’re asked what you want for dinner. Given the vast choices of food to order, the specificity of sushi, and that it’s a bit expensive, if sushi pops into your mind without fail then you are probably addicted to it.

You Are Quite the Expert on the Subject of Sushi

You know sushi like the back of your hand. You talk about sushi and are well-versed on related subjects — specifically Japanese cuisine.

You know the difference between sushi and sashimi. You’ve also tried some other popular Japanese food like nigiri, maki, unagi, onigiri, sukiyaki, yakitori, and a lot more.

Your Sushi Is Done Your Way

Japanese cuisine is also known for its intricate preparation. So, it’s no surprise that if you are so addicted to sushi that you know how exactly you want yours to be prepared. Surely enough, you know exactly how to push the boundaries of sushi to get the most out of its flavor and at the same time, the dining experience.

You Defend Sushi

Since you love sushi with a passion, of course, if someone tries to talk slightly ill about it then you come to its rescue. What better way to do so than to know the multiple health benefits of sushi.

You know that it’s rich in Omega 3, that it’s brain food, and that it helps alleviate a lot of symptoms from known illnesses. No one messes with sushi’s reputation on your watch!

You Spend a Lot of Money on Sushi

It’s the end of the billing cycle for your credit card, and you receive your monthly statement from your bank. Surely enough, sushi is written all over it. Sushi is a bit expensive, and most people eat it to treat themselves once in a while.

If a huge percentage of your spending goes to sushi, then that’s considered an addiction.

You Attempted To Make Sushi Yourself

Being an expert on sushi yourself, you once tried to make some at home. Maybe you were successful at it — or maybe you weren’t. You also found out that making sushi is quite a feat and does not look or sound as easy as it does.

It’s also likely that you just went back to the restaurant or had take-out instead.

You’re a Natural at Using Chopsticks

Have you been praised by friends or family for your ability in using chopsticks? If you’re the person who uses them as a natural with finesse and mastery, then chances are you acquired that skill through years and years of eating sushi.

Sushi is Life

Sushi is more than just food, but is already a part of your life. It never gets old; you may have even influenced some family members or friends to love it! Not eating sushi is unfathomable for you. Also, your mouth waters just looking at pictures of it. The flavors explode too with every bite.

If most of the factors above describe you and your eating habits, then chances are you are indeed addicted to sushi.