This Is What To Use Instead of Poppers for Better Sex

What You Can Do Without Poppers for a Satisfying Anal Sex

There are other ways to bottom without the use of poppers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the world of anal sex and curious about “what are poppers?” It is slang for a recreational drug often used to have a better experience in using the back door. It’s been used in the anal scene for a long time for successful bottoming. It is widely talked about on the Internet after the FDA released a warning on the use of poppers for several notable side effects.

Why is the Internet losing its mind about these so-called poppers? What does this warning from the FDA mean for those who want to bottom? Poppers have been around for years, considered the least dangerous out of all the drugs used on the sex scene. However, it would do you well to know there are other ways to bottom without the use of poppers.

Some Interesting Facts About Poppers

Before talking about what to use instead of poppers, you might want to know what do poppers do for bottoms? For instance, you might be interested to know what makes poppers popular and why the FDA is sending a warning about them. With that said, below are some exciting facts about poppers, also known as liquid gold.

Alkyl Nitrates

The name popper is slang for the actual term alkyl nitrates. It is a chemical class to which the liquid inside of the bottle belongs. Over the past few years, the actual content of poppers includes amyl nitrate, isoamyl nitrate, and isopentyl nitrate. The term “popper” came from the description of something that “pops” after inhaling the liquid.

It Was All the Rage in the 1970s

The 1970s is also known as the paleo-gay era, and it was around those times when poppers were the most popular. Poppers were often used in bathhouses and discos by gay men wanting to enhance the experience of dancing and music. It wasn’t just gay men who use poppers but even straight men and women.

Known by Many Names

Poppers are known by many names, mainly of the different brands selling this drug. The major brands selling poppers are Liquid Gold, Rush, Blue Boy, Amsterdam, and Buzz Aroma. In the past, poppers were advertised as room deodorizers or head cleaners, which is why it is legal to sell them. However, as you know, they are most frequently used to enhance sex.

The Trick

How do poppers help improve anal sex? Well, the alleged technique is to inhale the liquid before penetrative sex. It is said that doing so unclenches the butt muscles so that it would be easier for someone to bottom. This is likely because blood vessels dilate, and the blood pressure lowers as a result of the nitrates.

The Legality

Poppers are legal in the US, partly because they are not “sold” for human consumption or their physical and euphoric effects. Although they were almost banned, you can also buy them in the UK. The Conservative Party is still trying to outlaw them. Meanwhile, poppers are completely illegal in Canada.

The Risks

There have been cases of deaths related to poppers. However, most of these reported cases happened because the victim accidentally ingested the liquid instead of only inhaling it. Deaths due to poppers are pretty rare. However, the FDA is being cautious because of new poppers coming up with high levels of nitrates that may lead to serious health issues.

Ingesting Poppers

Ingesting nitrates, especially in a horizontal position, can cause cyanosis to develop. It is a condition where the oxygen levels in the blood drop rapidly, often resulting in death. Consuming poppers can also cause methemoglobinemia, where the body finds it difficult for oxygen to bind to the hemoglobin in the blood, which may lead to death.

Vision Problems

Inhaling poppers horizontally can hurt the eyes. At the same time, there are other vision-related issues regarding poppers that aren’t even tied to spills. There are recorded cases where people who continually use this drug experience blurry vision. It’s serious enough for some ophthalmologists to warn the public about it.

Other Side Effects

Many people claim that poppers make anal sex a mind-blowing experience. However, some say the opposite, likely because of unwanted side effects. The most common side effects of using poppers include mild congestion, headache, sweating, and loss of erection. If used along with Viagra and similar drugs, these side effects may become amplified.

In the past, many thought that HIV infections had to do with poppers. Studies were conducted about this, but there were never any conclusive results found. The studies, however, found that those who inhaled poppers showed risky sexual behaviors. This is true of many substances, such as GHB and marijuana, not just poppers.

What Are Safe Alternatives to Poppers?

Due to all the problematic things about poppers, the FDA seems keen to keep the public from accessing or using them. This might make you worry about what will happen to your sex life, and it’s understandable to think so if you want to enjoy a good anal. Don’t worry because you can still have a satisfying sex life without the high brought by poppers.

How? Through safe alternatives to poppers that don’t involve the use of drugs. The warnings about poppers or the possibility of banning them are likely going to meet defiance. Why? Well, people have a strong affinity with the drug, likely because of the feelings brought about by them.

In the past and even today, many people deal with stress about their sexuality. It is said that aside from loosening muscles, poppers can also give them a respite from the stress. It’s good to know there are many ways you can ease this even without poppers.

Be More Present During Sexual Acts

One of the best tips to ease anxiety during sex is looking for ways to be more present. Why don’t you try getting out of your head and focus on the act more? Pay more attention to what you see, taste, smell, hear and touch. You can also focus on your breathing so that you are “feeling” more than “thinking.”

Being Vocal and Comfortable During Sex

Some people feel anxious about bottoming for fear of not meeting the expectations of their partners. There are also lingering feelings of shame and guilt due to thinking that anal sex is wrong. These are all valid concerns, which can be helped by being vocal about them. It should be comfortable between partners to tell when you want them to go slower or to stop.

More Massaging and Foreplay

While they take a while, the anal muscles can relax without poppers simply by massaging and foreplay. It can significantly help to press down and massage the anus to get it used to the feeling of pressure. Moreover, remember to push out and not clench.

Poppers Could Be Gone, But You Can Still Enjoy Anal Sex

For now, the FDA has only announced a warning about poppers and has no news of banning it yet. But, seeing the risks and side effects of poppers, there is a high chance it might happen. Don’t worry. Even if poppers get banned, you can still properly bottom and enjoy good anal through safe alternatives to poppers.