It Takes Only Two Simple Steps to Love Someone

Truth Is, It Takes Only Two Steps to Love Someone

When you realize these two facts, loving someone won't make you feel like dust.

There are only two steps to loving someone: knowing why to love and learning how to love. When you realize these two things, you’ll know that loving someone doesn’t make you feel like you have to drop to the level of dust because, although you may not get a response, at least love is your own business, something you should cherish, and something for which you are accountable.

Best friends can be a source of chaos, but they can also add much color and joy to your life when things seem drab.

In your prime, who did you meet? Who supported you when your heart was whole with love? How long does love give you to get together, break up, make a decision, and then feel regret? The problem isn’t that you don’t care about each other or that you don’t feel remorse, but instead that you’re too busy to give one different a hug. If you love but love at the wrong time and also cherish the heart of a tear, then you have no alternative but to walk away from the person you care about, words or no words.

The only way to know there’s love in the world is as deeply imprinted in the heart and bones as that a leaf knows autumn and tears fall knowing the soul. The fact that you won’t be able to express your feelings in these ways does not mean that you don’t love or miss them.

It takes a specific amount of food, shelter, clothing, entertainment, and affection before two people can call themselves a pair. A couple can get married if they have enough money saved up.