Having sex in nature

What Do You Think of Having Sex Outside In Nature?

Countless surveys depict a different picture of sex life.

Having sex in nature might seem like a surprising suggestion at first. However, countless surveys depict a different picture of sex life in America. First of all, sex as part of a committed relationship: The vast majority of Americans are happy to be monogamous, expressing a clear preference for a sexual relationship that encompasses emotional commitment. Friends with benefits, no thank you. But emotional safety doesn’t exclude sexual curiosity and adventurous cheekiness. 

The ABC News “Primetime Live” survey from 2004 revealed that approximately 6 in 10 Americans report they have sex outside on one or more occasions. Lifestyles Condoms come up with the same result for their 2011 survey. Another survey by SKYN Condoms from 2016 reveals that over 50% of Millenials have had sex outdoors. 

Photo by Anastasia Shuraeva

The bottom line: Having sex in nature is a popular choice for couples. Yet, it’s unclear what makes it so appealing. Do we enjoy the particular setting, or is it the naughtiness of it all? Whether you’re considering joining the human having sex outdoors club or tagging along some of the most controversial social media challenges (TikTok’s sundress challenge, we’re looking at you right now), it’s probably time to uncover the hidden truth of outdoor sexual activities.

It’s human nature

Our ancestors have had sex in nature since the beginning of time. It’s part of our” primal animalistic” instincts, as international sex educator Kenneth Play explains. Indeed, the appeal of glistening skin in the sun is understandable. But there’s more to outdoor sex than meets the eye. 

From a practical perspective, you might be tempted to question the craving for having sex in nature. Sex on the beach is a recipe for a sandy disaster. Good luck trying to get rid of the sand afterward. Woodland or garden sex is all fin and games, but have you ever rolled over a poison ivy plant halfway through the action? We hear you: Ouch and some more ouch. Some what’s the trigger to have sex outside? Psychologists have the answer. Outdoor sex elevates excitement as you’re aware that it’s extra risky and naughty. The added excitement can contribute to a rewarding orgasm. Neuroscientists explain that the brain’s reaction to sex is very similar to a brain on heroin. Paired with the rush you experienced when you have sex outside, it’s fair to say that there’s a huge euphoric reward to this side of human nature. Additionally, nature acts as a place of acceptance and exploration without tech disruption. 

Where do we go?

Is there such a thing as a good outdoor location? To have sex outside will mean different things, depending on your location. If you live in the middle of a city, chances are that the closest you can get to being outside is the rooftop facilities. Suburban areas can make the most of private gardens and nearby woodland areas. But there might be such a thing as sex in nature bucket list of locations if you are ready to experiment and travel a little. 

Easily accessible locations are within reach of your home. As mentioned, the city rooftop is a good spot during the daytime and at night too. But city parks can be equally appealing. However, we’d advise avoiding busy times for some privacy. 

Hike spots, woodlands, and beaches will typically require more effort. You’ve got to get there first. But depending on the season, time of day, and weather, you could have the whole place to yourself. As you get going, one thing to bear in mind: It’ll be tricky to keep things clean and quiet. 

Finally, for those who love a physical challenge on top, hammocks and camping tents will test your balance and flexibility. 

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava

Is it dangerous?

The answer is yes. Yes, of course, sex in nature is risky. But it’s part of its appeal. Enthusiasts love the danger of getting caught. It is fair to say that everyone has a different sensibility. You and your partner need to both feel comfortable with your chosen spot. If one of you feels intimidated by the location or requires more privacy, the excitement of having sex outside could turn into fear and discomfort for them. 

There are two things you want to consider when you are planning your risky business. First of all, the fact of being caught could have consequences. An Italian couple caught in 2019 having sex near the exit of the motorway was fined 10,000 EUR. A British couple found having sex in a public park in June 2021 was arrested by the police. A Florida couple faced jail time for having sex on the beach. In other words, the risks are real. 

Keep it safe 

If you are going to plan a naughty excursion in nature, you want to be au fait of the challenges it can represent. Safe sex is not a new concept. However, safe sex when you’re in an unknown environment can be tricky. 

The basics first: Make it a priority to avoid urinary tract infections, which tend to occur more frequently in summer when increased activities can contribute to bacterial contamination. Make sure to pee afterward to reduce the risks of infection. Additionally, if you normally use condoms, don’t skip them just because you’re having sex in nature. 

Doctors warn against genital dryness and irritation, which can happen during outdoor sex. Having sex in water, for instance, doesn’t act as a lubricant. Saltwater can even cause dryness and discomfort. Bodies of water can also contain bacteria, so you’d want to avoid wet environments. Staying on the sandy beach is much safer, though, as sand can get literally everywhere. 

Photo by Jonathan Borba

Tips for having sex in nature

Are you ready to enjoy the great outdoors? Preparation can be crucial to your enjoyment. Sure, a little spontaneity doesn’t hurt. But you’re going to feel sorry for yourself if you don’t have at least wipes and a clean blanket. It’s a good idea also to pack everything else you need, including lubricant, condoms, etc. 

Accept that it is a moment of the unknown that you and your partner experience. It’s all about adventure and urgency. So, let go of your worries about the neighbors, your surroundings, and the unusual environment. This is precisely what makes it fun. 

And finally, be prepared to react quickly or get out of sight at the sound of footsteps. It’s a skill you’ll need to develop!