Why Do Men Look at Other Women

This Is Why Men Look at Other Women (And What You Should Do)

Whether you are a jealous woman or not, this can send you over the edge.

If there is one thing that drives a woman in a relationship crazy, it’s when their man looks at another woman when they are with her. It is one of the worst experiences ever as if you are not someone worthy of love. Whether you are a jealous woman or not, this is something that can send you over the edge.

But why do men always look at other women? Even though they claim it’s not in their nature, many men cannot help looking at another woman even when they’re already in a relationship. It’s a big problem, especially for married men. It hurts their partner, demoralizes them, and negatively impacts the whole relationship.

Is it Natural for Men to Look at Other Women?

It isn’t “natural” for men to look at a beautiful woman when she walks by. It’s more of a habit they learned in their teens and reinforced by people around them. As a result, it has become a natural reflex for them, especially if they are single. It’s to the point that the only time it’s thought of as a problem is when the habit comes out while they’re in a relationship.

What Does It Mean if a Man Looks at Other Women?

If your man looks at another woman, there are at least three reasons why. First, it’s because he finds her looks attractive. Next, it’s chemically induced. The brain releases serotonin and dopamine, which gives him a surge of pleasure, though involuntary. The last reason is that a part of them wonders what it’s like to be with her if he wasn’t attached.

Does a man looking at another woman mean the relationship is doomed? It’s not always the case. Looking at another woman does not necessarily mean he thinks that she is more beautiful than you or that he isn’t attracted to you. Similarly, it doesn’t automatically mean he isn’t happy with your relationship.

Him looking at another woman has nothing to do with you at all. It’s just that men are hardwired to look at and appreciate beautiful sights such as flowers and art. Unfortunately, this includes the female body. It’s an admiration of beauty for the most part, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, it can be a real problem.

What Does Science Say?

Men and women are not built the same way. That much you probably already know. Men don’t have the same perspective as women regarding sexual attraction and emotional connection. Unlike women who become attracted to men based on familiarity, men are the opposite and get attracted to novelty.

The ways that men and women become attracted to potential partners are quite different, explaining men’s behavior of looking at other women. Women are said to like men the more they see them. On the other hand, men like things that are new and different. Suffice it to say they like different kinds of women, whether body types or features.

Why is it like this? A research study suggests that it is the result of evolution. According to this research, women grew to be wives and mothers. They are caretakers and nurturers, while men evolved for a different purpose – to ensure human survival. As you would expect, this means “sowing their seeds” everywhere possible.

Sometimes, it is the man’s choice to check out a woman, but it is primarily a biological instinct. It is an instinct that is often acted upon faster than a person’s rationality and conscious decision-making process. It is normal for men to look at other women in this sense. However, there is also the fact that our society reinforces men’s sexual impulses and urges.

Over and over, men are told that checking out another woman while you’re in a relationship is not wrong – it’s “natural male behavior.” Society and media even encourage men to glance at other women, actively promoting this atrocious behavior. In short, this behavior may be biological and instinctive but is also enabled, making it difficult to turn it off.

How To Deal With Men’s Tendency to Look at Other Women

First of all, it is crucial to remember that looking at other women is considered a problem. It is normal and acceptable for men to check out other women, to notice and admire them. However, a committed, mature man will never cross over the line of respect between a couple. They can look but going beyond is offensive to their partner whom they should be faithfully devoted to.

However, even looking can still cause some friction because of the fundamental difference between men and women. What can a woman do? How can you deal with the roaming eyes of your man? At least, how can you stop it from ruining the loving relationship you have with your partner?

Don’t Read Into It Too Much

It’s perfectly okay to want to know why they’re looking, but it’s better not to assume. Remember that it might not mean what you’re thinking of. It doesn’t automatically mean your partner is betraying you. Take a second to think – how secure are you in your relationship? You, of all people, can tell if that glance has a hidden meaning other than admiration.

Be Realistic in Your Expectations

In any relationship, it is essential that you get are realistic on human nature, especially when it comes to sexual desire. Disappointments, frustration, anger, and hurt feelings result when you have impossible expectations from your partner. It is impossible to ignore it every time, but try not to expect him to have eyes on you all the time.

Don’t Hide Your Feelings

If your partner’s behavior hurts your feelings, don’t hide it. Tell him how you feel without being violent or toxic, simply communicative. Expressing your feelings without accusations, shame, or blame is how you can ensure your relationship will not crack under this issue. You and your partner only need to be honest with each other.

Help Him Break the Habit

The urge to check out other women is biological but is also a habit. It’s a deeply ingrained habit they can turn off if they want to. If they are completely committed to you, they will not hesitate to break this habit for the sake of your relationship. With that said, discuss it with your partner, and maybe you can work together to control this behavior.

Set Some Boundaries

Your partner will be willing to set some boundaries with you if they truly are dedicated to your relationship. If he is willing, you can put it so that he can look but not stare and not too blatantly.

In Conclusion

You may never be able to break this male habit. However, you and your partner can work together to avoid it becoming the cause of your breakup. They may look, but a faithful man will never do more than that. A mature, committed man will admire a beautiful woman but cherish the woman he loves.