Would You Have Sex With Your Clone?

Would You Have Sex With Your Clone? Think About It

Granted, it’s an otherworldly scenario or possibility

It sounds like a fun idea, barring any trauma you may have experienced from watching “Us” or reading Dostoevsky’s “The Double”. But, you have to wonder. If scientists can clone you, what would you do with your newly fabricated doppelganger? Would you bang a clone of yourself?

Granted, it’s an otherworldly scenario or possibility. Nonetheless, your answer reveals more than where you fall on the “horny for me” scale. Keep your answer in mind as you read on, and you’ll be surprised at what it says about yourself. But, first, let’s clarify who your hypothetical booty call is.

Three Things To Know About Your Clone

If you’ve made it this far, you might’ve had some preconceived ideas about the identity of your clone. Before seeing what your desire (or lack thereof) to have sex with clone-you means, let’s talk about your clone.

This will help you come up with a better answer to the above question, ensuring the best inferences from your response.

1. Your Clone Has the Same Gender as You

Sure, we’ve all heard of fraternal twins or twins that are of different genders. Think of your clone as kind of like your identical twin minus all the differences. And, yes, there are differences between identical twins.

Why is this point important? Think about it. The question is whether or not you’ll have sex with your clone. Since the clone you’ll be seeking a good time from has the same gender as you, you’ll have to be ok with the idea of same-sex relations, at least to some degree.

2. Your Clone Looks and Acts like You

Well, this one is one of those “no, duh.” statements. Yet, it’s worth putting out there for clarity. Do it with your clone, and you’ll basically be having sex with you.

Your openness to sex with clone-you might reveal your thoughts on yourself. After all, would you bang a clone of yourself if you yourself thought you weren’t a 10?

3. Your Clone Shares Many of Your Traits, Except Your Consciousness

Without getting too Nagel-Esque, just understand this — your consciousness is your consciousness. Your clone’s consciousness is their own. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that.

Hence, this opens up the idea that your clone — despite sharing your traits — is by no means you. This is a crucial point to consider later on. We’ll revisit this assumption when we go into narcissism and your desire to bone your clone.

What Your Answer Says about Your Stance on Homosexuality

Now that we’ve learned about your clone, let’s address the elephant in the room. As mentioned earlier, your clone will be of the same gender as you. Hence, wanting to do it with your clone might imply your openness to having sex with someone that’s the same gender as you.

This may be a sign that you’re ok with same-sex relations or open to it at the very least. Of course, if your answer is “no” to whether or not you’ll have sex with your clone, then this interpretation doesn’t apply to you.

Willing To Have Sex with Clone-You? Here’s Some Good News!

Picture yourself in bed with your clone, and you might find yourself reacting in one of two ways. On one hand, you might feel an irrepressible urge to throw up. If you’re not willing to have sex with your clone, this reaction isn’t the least bit surprising.

On the other hand, your openness might speak volumes of how much you like or love yourself. Think about it — you wouldn’t usually consent to sex with anyone that didn’t suit your tastes.

In short, your openness to having clone-you as your next conquest might indicate healthy levels of self-love. But, anything healthy can veer in the direction of unhealthy with excess.

Here’s what we mean.

You Might be Narcissistic if You Want You To “Do” You

Yes, there’s such a thing as too much self-love. In psychiatry, it’s called narcissism.

Self-love as manifested by your desire to bang a clone of yourself may be healthy. Then again, if your “yes” to the question in discussion is matched by a sinister grin, then you might have too much self-love.

Also, you need to remember that your clone doesn’t have the same consciousness as you. So, it may be too presumptuous of you to assume that your clone will share your desire for intimacy.

There’s a balance to be struck between self-love and loving yourself too much. Just remember that your clone is a different, albeit very similar, person. Do this, and your self-love will stay healthy.

Well, Would You?

As you’ve seen, your answer to a seemingly silly question reveals some surprising facts about you. Then again, that’s what thought experiments like these are for.

It might be a good idea to keep this conversation to yourself. Going forward, what are you going to do with the newly-found information? Will you use it to undo whatever flaws you’ve discovered like narcissism? Or, would you open yourself up to a wider variety of partners?

Whatever your answer is, your next partner will thank you for the inner work—even if he or she is a clone of you!