You Deserve a Good but Somewhat Expensive Sex Toy

You Deserve a Good but Somewhat Expensive Sex Toy — Here’s Why

You are worth it.

They say size does not matter, but the size of your wallet may, at least in terms of how much you are willing to spend on a sex toy. The truth is, you really do get what you pay for, and if you’re only prepared to pay $20, then you are not going to be as, er, pleased as you could.

The view of sex toys in popular culture is more that of some kind of joke, an embarrassment, or a frivolous waste of money. However, why should pleasure be seen as frivolous? Life has many hardships, so why shouldn’t a person be able to gain some joy in the privacy of their own bedrooms? In fact, a good release can offer many health benefits, including reducing pain, improving the health of your heart and cardiovascular system, it can even aid you in getting a good night’s sleep. People are prepared to spend thousands on things that aid good health. So, seeing as there are so many health benefits associated with a good orgasm, perhaps a good sex toy should be high up on the list of priorities.

Well, let’s have a look at why a more expensive sex toy may be just the ticket you were looking for.

The Wide Range and Depth of Sensation   

When it comes to sex toys and vibrators, there are generally two different types. Rumbly and Buzzy. The buzzy kind is good for that surface-level sensation because the vibrator stimulates the top part of the tissue. However, when it comes to popularity, the rumbly vibrators are winners. They offer the user a much deeper and sensual vibration meaning better pleasure. The rumbly type of vibrator works by allowing the sensation to drive deeper into the tissue of the genitals.

So, for women, when you place this type on your vulva, you’ll feel the vibrations not only on your clitoris but all over the nerve bundles beneath. These nerves are similar in shape to that of a wishbone. Indeed the right rumbly vibrator can make all your wishes come true. If you want a sex toy that can blow your head off, then you need to open that purse. The power in something expensive can achieve that wow factor even on some of the lowest settings. If you are brand new to sex toys, then perhaps a high-quality one would be too much, in fact. The intensity of stimulation may shock you at first, but more power means better orgasms.

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A Much Better Design and Feel

The design of a sex toy is much more than merely the shape. It includes aspects such as the textures, the positioning of the motor, the vibration technology, the levels and types of vibrations, etc. A good designer will create a sex toy with the end-user in mind. By doing this, the toy will be easy to hold, and it will be equipped with better features that enable more productive and pleasurable use. A cheap sex toy will not be made with the same care and consideration, allowing users to maximize their experiences. 

The Materials are Better and Safer

If you are concerned about the safety of the materials used in a sex toy, if you buy from a well-known outlet including Babeland and Smitten Kitten, the materials should be safe. By safe, we mean that the materials have no known side effects and have not ever caused any harm to anyone, as long as you ensure the maintenance and hygiene of your product. Less reputable sex shops may sell sex toys that are not so safe. Cheaper toys are often made with materials that may be toxic to the body. A popular material, jelly rubber, is porous, which means that there is a chance that it can contain harmful bacteria. If you notice that your jelly rubber sex toy starts to smell or if it changes color, then it has become a breeding house for bacteria, and you need to get rid of it pronto. A sex toy with a porous material means that you could end up with a vaginal infection. The onus is on you to clean this regularly. 

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You will Save in the End

You are more likely to have a warranty on an expensive item that will protect you. If your $20 toy breaks in a couple of months and you have no warranty, then you’ll have to buy a new one. Also, you’ll likely get bored of a cheap toy quicker, meaning you’ll need a better one soon anyway.

No Need to Replace Batteries.

A good thing about an expensive sex toy is that it does not require batteries. So you will save money in that respect too. Pretty much all decent sex toys are rechargeable. You can buy less expensive sex toys which are rechargeable, but they are far more likely to requires batteries.

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The Bonus Features 

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on something, then you’re going to want a few added extras, and with expensive sex toys, you won’t be found wanting. Extra features include proper waterproofing so you can really use it in the bath. Unlike some of the quasi-waterproof cheap versions, which are not fully waterproof and allow for rust. Expensive sex toys are specially created to protect all the mechanisms, motors, and wiring inside the toy. You can even download an app for your vibrator. You could get your partner to control the vibrator for you if that is your thing. Or you can use the apps to make your own vibration patterns. 

You are Worth it 

You work hard, so why not play hard. Expensive sex toys offer you so much more pleasure than cheap ones. They have more power to give you that wow moment, they provide deeper vibrations, and are better designed with body-safe materials. What’s more, they will last a lot longer too. You need to think about your pleasure and the design that will please you the most.