You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through

Try to be kind and accept.

It’s not always easy to show empathy and compassion for others. But you never know what someone else is going through. It is, therefore, to check up on your loved ones because they might be going through a mental breakdown, maybe sick, or have lost their job, and even might need support from others. So, it’s essential to try your best to be kind, check up, and accept those around you. You don’t know what they are feeling on the inside of their hearts and minds.

Accept That They Don’t Necessarily Need Help at That Moment

Don’t be forceful. Instead, start a conversation and see where it goes from there. If they don’t want help, please accept that fact and move on with your day. This person may have had something traumatic happen in their life recently or may even be going through depression themselves. 

Whatever the reason, people don’t always want help. Even so, please understand that you will not know what they are going through unless you ask. Accepting this fact is hard for some people who feel like it’s their duty as someone else’s friend or family member to make sure that person is okay all the time, but doing so can be detrimental. 

You Never Know What Someone Is Going Through
Photo by Sindre Strøm

Sometimes, just accepting that people don’t want to open up about whatever they are dealing with will create the opportunity for them to feel comfortable enough and come to you when they need help in the future. Most importantly, do not be condescending or try too hard but treat this person like you would want to be treated with kindness and acceptance.

Do Not Judge 

Everyone has their struggles in life, and it could be something that they’re going through right now or just a pattern of how they’ve always been living their lives. Try to be kinder towards people who have done things wrong because maybe there is more to the story than what you know about.

People are often quick to judge someone, especially if they’re different in some way. But before you can make any assumptions about a person or their actions, imagine how it would feel to get stuck within that same situation. If everyone tried being kinder and accepting of others’ differences, more than likely, the world would become an even better place.

Although it’s so easy to judge someone based on the little things, you never know what others are going through and their reasons for acting a certain way. In some cases, people aren’t aware of how something affects them until they’re thrust into that situation completely unaware. 

Photo by Jeswin Thomas

This can be extremely difficult if you’ve had no prior experience dealing with the issue. Perhaps they were bullied or humiliated somehow and are just trying to cope by making themselves appear stronger than they are. Everyone has battle scars that they wear on the inside, but it’s even harder to handle when you can’t find a remedy for coping with those feelings.

Don’t Ask Questions When They’re Not Up for Chats 

You have no idea what people are going through. Maybe they’re in a bad mood or need to be alone for some time. This doesn’t always require an explanation. Sometimes there are reasons behind people not wanting to chat. Asking questions and interrogating them might make someone feel like you don’t respect their privacy, and that’s the last thing anyone needs at times when they want space. 

Maybe they don’t want to talk about what’s going on, and that’s okay! Just because they don’t want to talk doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. They could be going through a hard time and need some space, or maybe they’re tired of people asking about how things are like what their day was like or if anything happened that morning. There can be so many reasons behind someone not wanting to chat that you never know about.

Try your best not to ask questions when they’re not up for chats. And if it’s something vital, then do what you can, but try not to force anything out of them, as there are no guarantees they’ll tell you. 

Photo by Benjamin Suter

Instead, you should support and care for them. Even if they don’t tell you what’s going on, just being there is enough for them. You never know the struggles someone might be facing in silence; all you can do as a human with a support system is try your best to provide comfort when it’s needed. More importantly, you need to try your best to be there in silence rather than say something that might make things worse.

Accept Them for Who They Are and Not What They’ve Done

It’s easy to judge someone on their past mistakes. Everyone has been there before. You think people should be punished for the things they have done wrong and that this will, in turn, make them better. 

It could also serve as a warning not to do those actions again, but it doesn’t always work out like that—especially when you don’t know what someone is going through. Know that not everyone has had the same life as you, and don’t judge them for it but try to be kind and accept them for who they are.

People need to be accepted for who they are and not judged by what they do. It would help if you never judged someone based on their actions because you don’t know what’s going through their head or why it happened. 

Do yourself a favor; if you’re ever judging another person, stop and take the time to understand them. If you’re ever having a bad day, remember that someone else is too. The next time you judge another person or if they are judging you, try your best not to change who you are because of it. 

It’s important to stay strong and accept everyone for their differences rather than trying harder every day to be like them. Just remember that everyone is different, and no one is perfect, not even you.

Photo by Erik Mclean

The world can be a difficult place to deal with. That said, you all have the ability and power to make it more favorable for those around you by simply being kinder and more accepting of others. Therefore, it is essential to know that everyone deserves respect and kindness, no matter their appearance or what they are going through in life. Everyone has a story to tell you—and the only way you can truly learn about other people is by being kinder and more accepting of them.