12 Podcasts for Meditation

12 Podcasts for Meditation to Help You Find Inner Peace

Meditation is for Everyone.

Everyone’s heard of meditating, but do you know why it’s so popular? Meditation provides people with a way to habitually train their thoughts and minds to focus. Apart from this, it offers plenty of other benefits such as reducing anxiety and stress, increasing discipline and clarity, as well as improving moods. Whether you already know the benefits that meditating brings or are looking to explore the world of meditation for the first time, here are 12 podcasts for meditation to help you find inner peace.

Meditation Minis

Often referred to as the meditation podcast for anyone busy, Meditation Minis provides a fast, 5-minute break. With over 3,200 listeners on Apple Podcast, you can be sure to get a quick dose of meditation here. Its host, Chel Hamilton is a hypnotherapist who will lead you through guided meditations through various topics and techniques.

Natural Meditation

This podcast is centered around Stephan Wormland, a former Tibetan Buddhist monk who trained in Gestalt therapy. He currently spends his time teaching meditation around Europe, where he shares his 30+ years of experience. Each episode provides 40 to 60 minutes of gentle meditation, where beginners can easily get started.

10 Percent Happier

In this podcast, you’ll join Dan Harris, former Good Morning America anchor, through an insightful journey of meditation. Here, he is joined by regarded guests who share their views on the science and psychology behind meditating. Released every Wednesday, Harris inspires skeptics to convert into believers while providing a straightforward take on promoting self-awareness.

Tara Brach Podcast

Carrying a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Tara Brach presents two different perspectives in this podcast. She will take listeners along on a journey of spiritual conversations and guided meditations, offering her wisdom by mixing modern psychology with ancient practices. This podcast is perfect for spiritual explorers looking for an experienced mentor.

I Should Be Meditating

Because we live in a world that’s always fast-paced, it gets hard to slow down and focus. Host Alan Klima helps listeners deal with this in a realistic approach, so you can take a breath and prioritize what will work for you. He will often talk to his listeners about his challenges about being consistent with meditation, which is something that many can relate to.

The Mindful Minute

In this podcast, you’ll get short episodes that are designed to encourage people to meditate for the years to come. Hosted by Meryl Arnett, The Mindful Minute presents listeners with a choice between a full 30-minute class or a 10-minute mini-meditation. With more than 10 years of experience, she leads every listener through each episode easily and simply, making it ideal for beginners.

Mindful Mama

Parenting is a tough job, and the demands that come with it are even harder. Mindful Mama is a podcast that you can listen to when you’re feeling the pressures of being a parent. It offers everything you need to know, where they share parenting tips, interviews, and discussions with Hunter Clarke-Fields. Each episode has been designed to help you stay happy, calm, and peaceful.

Wake Me Up

Designed to uplift and motivate listeners every morning, host Tyler Brown guides you through every morning to start your day right. Here, he discusses how people will benefit more if they focus on themselves first, rather than their phones. The podcast will encourage you to shift your attention, so you can set yourself up for a more fulfilling and positive mindset.


If you’re wondering how you can get started with meditation, then try listening to Untangle, a podcast from the Meditation Studio app. Here, you’ll hear expert opinions and advice from MDs, neuroscientists, and psychologists. Those who need convincing about the power of meditation will be able to hear it for themselves.

Meditation Station

If you have less than 15 minutes a day for meditating, Meditation Station can provide you with short exercises so you can fit them into your busy schedule. Host Stin Hansen goes through everything you need — from anger and pain management to panic attacks, you’ll find something that will help you here.

Peace Out

Storytelling is the most effective way to teach kids, and this is exactly what Peace Out is all about. Every podcast discusses a short story to guide kids through visualization and breathing exercises. It is best used for bedtime to help kids relax before they go off to dreamland.

Meditation Oasis

Meditation Oasis provides guided meditation to help you process information and think clearly in times of stress. Every episode has been designed to run for short enough so that it fits into your day but detailed enough so you can do meditations on your own.

Meditation is for Everyone. If you’re going through stressful situations or find yourself feeling anxious lately, meditating can help you through the day. Get started by picking out a podcast from the list above and you might just be on your way to improving life in general.