Feeling Stressed? Try These 5 Crystals for Peace and Calm

Feeling Stressed? Try These 5 Crystals for Peace and Calm

Calming stones for relieving stress and anxiety.

It’s not surprising to feel stressed in today’s hectic world. An overloaded work schedule, personal commitments, and the demands of a growing family can weigh heavily on anyone’s mind, draining us of peace, joy, and contentment. The result is often stress and anxiety.

Despite advances in stress management techniques and medicines, some people are turning to alternative stress relief methods like calming crystals. A calming crystal is particularly helpful for relieving tension and stress, helping to relax and settle your spirit. The right crystals can be your best friend, kicking anxiety to the curb and warding off feelings of stress, negativity, and sadness. Below, we explained the best crystals you can use to attain the peace and calm you desire.

The Amethyst

For thousands of years, amethyst has been treasured for its healing properties and is known to be the symbol of power, simplicity, and clarity.

The promotion of harmony and peace is a central theme associated with the stone. Its calming energy helps soothe your nervous system, easing stress and encouraging positive energy for a more relaxed, rejuvenated state of being. Beneficial to the mind, body, and spirit, Amethyst’s harmonizing qualities help the wearer experience a state of bliss. Amethyst has a calming energy that helps soothe tension and stress of the nervous system. Research suggests it brings spiritual balance, bringing calm to any environment. Thus, it’s an excellent tool to have when facing a nervous breakdown or anxiety attack. 

The Celestite 

Seek clarity, calmness, and a heightened state of awareness with celestite. Its essence clears the mind and enhances the powers of concentration to keep you in a calm and peaceful state.

Through cleansing properties, Celestite can force out and prevent nervousness by relaxing the mind and body. This can help remove fear, anxiety, and stress, creating a solid foundation for personal growth. Additionally, Celestite’s calming blue hue is said to provide mental clarity and promote clear thinking. Its high vibration helps clear away chaotic thoughts and anything else standing in your way of concentration and focus. It can help one to reach a state of serenity so they can work productively or move closer to their goal of inner peace. Besides, this crystal is believed to encourage positive change, allowing the owner to overcome fears and reach the highest realms of serenity and relaxation.

The Flourite

Fluorite is a powerful solution for tapping into intuition, as it’s naturally attuned to the boundaries of one’s reality.

It works tirelessly to shift decision-making from the mind to the emotions and is commonly used to dissolve irrational fear and anxiety. When you’re under stress, the purple- and greenish-blue stone can help distinguish between incoming negative thoughts and the words that are needed to challenge the stress. By giving the mind a chance to relax, the effects of Flourite can help you gain clarity in your situation. It may unlock emotions that are troubling you and allow you to see the problem at hand. Therefore, most people find it easy to talk through problems after holding a piece of Flourite.

The Black Tourmaline

With a beautiful, sparkling black surface, and a wonderful calming vibration, Black Tourmaline has been used for thousands of years as a powerful stone of protection and personal balance.

It’s a natural stress relief stone that emits high levels of negative ions when placed close to human skin. These negative ions decrease the concentration of positively-charged free radicals at the source, allowing people to sleep more soundly, be less fatigued during the day, and achieve an overall sense of calm.

The Blue Lace Agate

A peaceful stone that has been used in times of stress and worry, Blue Lace Agate is known for its powerful release of stress on a physical level by clearing the mind.

Blue Lace Agate can be used to activate the throat, third eye, and crown chakras and can be utilized to aid in meditation and relaxation. Used in conjunction with self-talk techniques, this stone-wrought gem can help clarify actions taken to improve upon areas of life that require improvement. As with the properties of all crystals, the properties of Blue Lace Agate can be harnessed by taking three deep breaths while meditating.

Crystals are powerful healing tools, and when you surround yourself with the right ones, they can positively affect your mood and outlook. If you’re feeling stressed or anxious and aren’t sure how to combat it, these five crystals are a great place to start.