How to Let Things Go?

How to Let Things Go? 5 Ways To Free Yourself and Move on

Start living in the present and accept things as they are.

Many of us find letting things go difficult, whether it’s a toy that reminds us of our childhood or people we’ve had relationships with. As humans, it is completely normal to feel attached to something or someone. But we should also learn to let them go when it’s necessary. There are some things beyond your control, which may cause you to feel hurt and frustrated. Holding on to those negative feelings will only bring more unhappiness to your life and make it even harder to move on.

It is time to start living in the present and accept things as they are. Here’s how you can stop struggling with the past and move forward.

1. Commit Yourself to Letting Go

When you want to change something in your life, you need to make a firm decision that you will change. If you say you want to stop your unhealthy thinking patterns, don’t just make a half-hearted attempt to do so. This conscious commitment also applies to letting things go.

You can either let yourself stay stuck in the past or choose to move forward. Freeing yourself is only possible once you begin to take action. While it may be difficult at first, you’ll feel the burden slowly being lifted when you make an effort to let go of your painful experiences.

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Rather than just saying it in your head, it’s helpful to put your commitment into words and write it down. Writing things down is more concrete and memorable than simply holding them in your mind. You can even take what you wrote and post it somewhere you’re sure to see it, like your bathroom mirror.

Keep reading and saying it to yourself until your subconscious mind has adopted these statements. By embracing a healthy mindset, you allow yourself to make positive changes that will influence your outlook in life.

2. Stop Blaming Other People

Blaming other people for the bad things that happened to you may be an easier option. But one of the keys to acceptance and letting go is taking responsibility for your life. You cannot always play the victim and wait for people to fix you.

When you’re deeply hurt, there’s an urge to get back at someone who caused you pain. You may want them to suffer like you do or make them feel guilty for whatever they’ve done. But by blaming others, you’re only giving them more power over you.

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While it’s not possible to change what happened in the past, you can acknowledge your role in the situation and accept it. This will allow you to heal and learn from it.

Nobody else can help you move on and free you from the past but yourself. Once you have decided to let go and truly commit to it, others can’t take that away from you.

3. Learn How to Forgive

Once you learn to let go, forgiveness will follow. Forgiving yourself and others sets you free from all the pain and enable you to start anew.

Dwelling on your negative thoughts and emotions will keep you trapped in your suffering. Have the willingness to accept whatever occurred in the past. If you keep being too hard on yourself, you’re only holding yourself back from living a happy life.

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Be more kind and compassionate to yourself, like how you would treat a close friend. Embrace new things in your life and take the lessons from every mistake.

The same thing applies to forgiving other people. Treat them with more understanding and try to put yourself in their shoes. By letting go of the blame and anger, you can begin to heal your relationships with others.

4. Lean on Your Loved Ones

No matter how difficult or painful your situation is, know that you are not alone. Always keep in mind that there are people who genuinely love and care for you. Find strength in your family, friends, and others who will genuinely be there for you.

Let these people support and listen to you as you share how you feel. Letting go eventually becomes easier when you are able to release those negative emotions from within. Trust that you will be okay as long as you have somebody you can lean on.

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It is also beneficial to keep your distance from people who do not positively influence your life. Letting go of them can be better for your overall well-being.

5. Focus on the Present

If you find yourself struggling with acceptance and letting go, ask yourself: “what lesson am I meant to learn?” “what can I do to stay present?” Cherish the lessons from the past and do your best to live in the present moment.

Although you may still be feeling pain, one day it will all make sense, and you’ll understand why you had that experience. You will start to realize that life is trying to teach you something.

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Focus on what you can do today, whether it’s being productive at work or enjoying activities that make you feel good. Welcome more positive thoughts in your mind instead of negativity or overthinking. By doing so, you are inviting more joy into your life.

Once you learn to let go of the past, you make space for growth and new experiences. This helps you live a happy and fulfilling life.

When you dwell so much on your past, you are not giving yourself the chance to heal and grow. Although it is not always easy, letting go is the way to set yourself free from all the painful experiences that continuously haunt you.