Simple Is Always the Best Way to Live

Remember That the Best Way to Live Is Keep Simple

Don't lose yourself in the future.

Whether it’s love, friendship, or family, what we seek in life goes round and round, and we’re all just looking for a comfortable way to live.

Perhaps, in the beginning, we will take the path that others have taken, listen to the lessons that others have left behind, train ourselves with the standards of others so that we can fit into more circles, try more ways, and think we can enjoy that kind of life. Still, in the end, that kind of life overwhelms us.

Many things appear to be icing on the cake, but the reality is a burden. Living a simple life is the best way to live.

Don’t be obsessed with gains and losses

“Blessings go to blessings come, and luck scattered, luck gathered,” as the saying goes. The gains and losses in life are ultimately constant; what we have lost must return somehow, and what we have gained must have come at a cost.

We may lament that we live in a way that we do not prefer; we may suffer from giving up what we should not give up; we may suffer from facing the pain of the past, facing the mistakes of the past; we always find it difficult to let go, so we trap ourselves in the past with our own hands. Because life’s gains and losses are ultimately constant, we don’t need to be overly concerned.

The past has become the past; there is no need to bring them into the present; there is no need to allow them to exist and muddle the original simple life.

A person’s time and energy are limited, and you must prioritize the important things to live your life the way you want.

In a chaotic world, we may change our lives several times, but the vital thing to remember is that each change is only to improve ourselves, not become obsessed with the past.

Just one step forward at a time

Russell wrote about a good digger in his book. He was illiterate and spent his days working in a dark well, the lowest class of society.

It is reasonable to assume that such a person will not be happy. Still, I did not expect him to live a charmed life, his body overflowing with happiness all day long, even doing the most exhausting and dirty work, and yet he had no complaints and felt no pain.

His definition of happiness is simple: not comparing himself to others, only focusing on his problems, and frequently overjoyed by the successful digging of a well. He is aware that he is progressing and pursuing happiness by taking one step at a time; even in the face of enormous temptations from the outside world, he can see his position and stick to his original intention.

Life is full of temptations, and it is easy to fall into the trap of seduction with a bit of carelessness, and only those who pursue a simple life can adhere to the heart.

Simply put, they must take their life path one step at a time, step by step.

Keep things simple, always

Many things will happen in your life, and you will meet many people; however, not all of them will go as planned, especially if there are people who deserve to be treated well. And this is done to tempt us, push us into the abyss, teach us not to trust anyone, and give us the ability to read the world.

All situations in life are designed to help us grow, not to make us suffer or obsess. And not everything is worth remembering, and not everyone is worth remembering.

We don’t have to be perfect in everything, nor be someone else’s ideal; live your life and achieve your goals.

The best way to live is to keep things simple. Being simple is the best way to live. Look down on some things, dismiss others, and seek happiness in everyday life.

Don’t lose yourself in the future.